ATTENTION: COVID-19 Testing is available to all patients even if you are not currently showing symptoms.

Providing Quality Health Care

We Offer People in Detroit Fast & Friendly, Compassionate Care. 


Testing & Screening

We offer several lab services including urinalysis, blood tests, STD tests, drug tests/screenings, pregnancy tests, strep tests, flu tests, COVID-19 tests (PCR & Rapid Antigen), and more.


Medical Treatments

We offer several treatments including immunizations, physicals (MCOLES, DOT, School, etc), breathing treatments, sutures, casting/splinting, and more.

Our Urgent Care

During this past year, we have adapted to the current pandemic. We have complied with all state and federal guidelines regarding face mask use, hand sanitizer, hand washing, and social distancing. We have upgraded our facility to accommodate the symptomatic patients without undue or added exposure for our non-ill patients.

Medical Assistants
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